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BASE Rack accessories continue to expand with the addition of the 20w BASE Rack Aux Light. Including a unique bracket, over a moulded DT connector suitable for rack channelling, it features an additional DT connector for custom wiring. A scene lighting beam will reduce hot spots in the beam output and reduce glare for reverse cameras.The unique ARB BASE Rack bracket provides installation to any part of the dovetail system and can be wired to either provide additional aux lighting around the vehicle for camping, work vehicles or reverse lighting.Being compact at 72.4mm wide and 56.2mm high it allows for mounting in many close-fitting areas and also inboard from the edge of the rack to minimise damage on tight tracks and city parking. This also further provides a nicer appearance and hidden/stealth look on the vehicle. The bracket also keeps the light in line or level with the rack. By not using the BASE Rack bracket, the stainless bracket allows for fitting to ARB Classic racks or other branded racks. The two 10W OSRAM LEDs (20W total) provides strong lighting that spreads light over a larger area then what is normally expected from these styles of lights, making the beam a true area light and minimising hot spots from focused beams. Reduction of hot spots translates to nice clear images being sent through your reverse camera system when used at night time or in dim environments as well as clear not glaring lighting around the campsite or worksite. Included with the



  • 9v to 36v input
  • 20W power consumption/1.5A
  • 1,100 lumens @ 5700K
  • Compliance to IP69K, ECE, R10, CISPR 25/5 standards
  • BASE Rack brackets and DT connectors included
  • 72.4mm wide and 56.2mm high (2.8” x 2.21”)



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