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Join Compass Adventures as we head for this  beautiful oCountry of Tunisia breathtaking scenery as far as the eye can see. Mountainous regions and in contrast white sandy Dunes with clear blue sea.  There are miles of winding off-road tracks that take us to some of the most beautiful places with amazing cultures to take in. The tour is designed to be a gentle adventure that will leave you wonting to come back again !

  • Suitable for all 4×4’s with a low box

  • Qualified 4×4 tour guides

  • All guides are trained Lantra 4x4 driving instructors

  • Local knowledge of the lanes and area

  • Family friendly atmosphere

  • UK to Calais ferry

  • Meet like minded people

  • Fully guided 

  • Full technical support 

  • Lead vehicle with full medical kit ,recovery kit and iridium sat phone

Whats included

UK explorers 


North yorksire
Lake District

"According to Greek legend, Dido, a princess of Tyre, was the first outsider to settle among the native tribes of what is now Tunisia when she founded the city of Carthage in the 9th century BCE. Although the story is certainly apocryphal, Carthage nonetheless grew into one of the great cities and preeminent powers of antiquity, and its colonies and entrepôts were scattered throughout the western Mediterranean region. Carthage fought a series of wars with its rival, Rome. Rome prevailed in the mid-2nd century BCE, razed Carthage, and ruled the region for the following 500 years. In the 7th century Arab conquerors converted the native Berber (Amazigh) population of North Africa to Islam. The area was ruled by a succession of Islamic dynasties and empires until coming under French colonial rule in the late 19th century. After achieving independence in 1956, Tunisia pursued a progressive social agenda and sought to modernize its economy under two long-serving presidents, Habib Bourguiba and Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. However, Tunisia remained an authoritarian state with an all-powerful ruling party and no significant institutions of representative government. (For a discussion of political "

Our explorer will take us through some of the most amazing scenery as we travel from TUNIS into the deepest and most amazing desert, weaving our way through battle fields from WW2 to the stunning hot pools and grand gorges that you could only imagine ..

Compass Adventures has some great contacts in Tunisia and you will be in safe hands and well cared for on this trip..  

I would rate this trip at a mild to medium so any vehicle with  ATs would be fine.  Can I  remind you that you will be carrying all your supplies, so good spring rates are paramount .....this is applicable for all vehicles on this trip. The lead vehicle will be well equipped carrying emergency equipment for the group, this will include iridium sat phone, tyre repair equipment, full wilderness responder kit including comprehensive burns kit.


Once confirmation has been received of your attendance,  you will be sent joining instructions and a list of equipment you will need.


With the tour only cost you are responsible for your ferries and camping costs on the Trip none of the ferry costs are included on any part of the tour.


This  trip is completly family friendly and is a great way to get the  children away for some fresh air 

All vehicles are welcome.. join the adventure!

Tour Cost £820 Vehicle inc one occupant 
Ferries /Fuel /Food are not included 

Additional Occupants 

Authorisation into Tunisia

Hotel in Douz 3 nights 

Camping Zmela 3 using you own tent /food not included  

Indicative Vehicle 

Hotel Tunis 1 night returning to ferry  


Tunisia Adventure Dates

!/Nov/2021 limited space 

16 day tour

Tunisia Adventure

Tunisia Adventure 

Compass adventures difficulty rating 

Temperatures expected

0 dec










Tunisia temperatures 

The temperatures here can turn cold even in the evenings ,

Driving skills needed

Below Average 

Above Average 




Moderate  driving days (4-5) hours. skills level below average .Rocks Fords,gravel with some mud ! 


Accommodation will be a mixture of hotels, log cabins and for those who would like to use a tepee or a tent for camping we will find suitable arias for it .65% of this trip will be hotels or cabins 



Hotels - b/b


wild camping 

Basic farm campsite 

Well equipped farm campsite 


Professional campsite 

Campsites will be basic farm campsite and maybe a wild campsite ...suitable for families with young children. 50/50 mix of wild and campsite 

Vehicle preparation

Basic Vehicle - A/T tyres  

   Modified Vehicle, Lift /A/T tyres/self recovery.  

expedition vehicle, Lrt/Sr /Oba/Sp/

Suitable for all types of vehicles from basic modifactions to a expedition  prepared , At or Mud tyres would be more than adequate with a small lift. 

Vehicle Code 

Ltr :Long range fuel tank

Sr: Self Recovery

Oba:On Board Air 

Spare Parts 

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