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1 lux @ 728m with up to 60m of spread

Complementing the sleek design of the ARB BASE Rack, ARB has added to its family of driving lights a new dedicated roof rack mounted light bar. Using a uniquely tuned reflector design to limit reflection off bar work and the vehicle, this slimline bar pumps out a competitive 1 lux @ 728m with up to 60m of spread. Super strong, manufactured from extruded aluminium with high pressure die cast aluminium caps, this heat dissipation chassis provides great longevity to the LEDs and allows for a couple of hits from low hanging branches while out on the trails. The body is fully powder coated in a stealth black finish, with a light tint added to the polycarbonate lens providing a non-obtrusive look.

The unique half cup reflectors gets the light down the road where needed, providing a defined beam line that has been tuned into a spot/flood ‘combo’ configuration.

Using the mounting system build into the ARB BASE Rack allows the light to be setup in minutes with two different mounting options – in front of the rack (pictured above top) and below the rack (pictured below) which provides additional protection and a hidden look. The light can also be added to most existing ARB roof racks, but drilling will be required. All brackets are included with the light.

Key Features

> Unique reflector design and combo beam technology provide good distance and width for highway driving, whilst minimising reflection off vehicle bonnet, bar work etc

> Virtually indestructible hardened polycarbonate lens

> Extruded aluminium body with stealth back powder-coat finish

> Unique multi-position mounts suitable for ARB BASE Rack, ARB trade rack and touring racks

> Brackets included provide two mounting options (in front or below roof rack)

> 304 stainless steel hardware & brackets

> Reverse polarity protection

> Breather with pressure-tested seal

> Vibration and UV tested for resistance

> Design allows for superior thermal management and longevity of LEDs

> Dust and waterproof to IP68

> Over and under voltage protection

> Protected against radio frequency (RFI) and electromagnetic (EMC) interference

> Two-pin, over-moulded, waterproof plug

> Amber, Clear and Solid Black clip on lens covers sold separately – note 2 packs required for full cover

Kit Includes

> 1 x 36” Slimline light bar

> 2 x brackets for below rack mounting

> 2 x brackets for front of rack mounting

> 1 x bracket mounting hardware set

Technical Specifications

> 20 x OSRAM 6.5W LEDs

> Input - 12V to 48V

> Power - 130W

> Current Draw - 9.2A @ 14.4V

> Output – 1 lux @ 728m, 9279 raw lumens, 8552 effective lumens

> Spread - horizontal 8° & vertical 6°

> Operating Temp - -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +145°F)

> Colour Temp - 5500-6000K

> Runtime life - 50,000hrs

> Connector - 2 pin DT with over moulded waterproof plug

> Input Cable Length - 330mm (male terminal)

> Total Measurement – 954.9 x 35 x 67mm (D) - Weight 3.07kg

> Dimensions - 954mm (37.55”) x 67mm (2.63”) x 34mm (1.33)” (H)

> Certifications - R1O, CE & ROHS

> 3-year warranty

> Suitable to use with ARB driving light loom – 3500810 & 3500820

ARB Base rack LED bar

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