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ARB Outback Modular Storage Drawer Systems are built tough. Whilst most vehicle storage systems are basic and offer few features, ARB have engineered a hard-wearing solution to withstand both commercial use and off-road travel.

Model Details: Land Rover Defender 110 Series 1990-2016
Parts Included: 1x Fixed Top Drawer, left and right side floor kits
Optional Upgrade to Roller Top Drawer Units: Not available
Optional Parts Available: 
Unit External Dimensions: 1070mm L x 790mm W x 280mm H
Drawer Internal Dimensions: 970mm L x 730mm W x 220mm H

Notes: Fits Defender 110 wagon models


The ARB Outback range of modular storage drawers was developed to offer commercial and overland users the possibility of installing a durable and highly configurable storage system. With various accessories and upgrades available including load barriers, fridges and fridge slides, the ARB Outback Storage System suits a huge variety of uses from overland adventure to tradespeople, veterinary surgeons, emergency response vehicles and more.

The cornerstone of every installation is a choice of either fixed-top drawer units, roller-top drawer units or roller floor units without drawers. Drawer runners are precision-folded from stainless steel and supported on roller bearings for smooth and quiet operation. Most units have a water-resistant carpet top, formed from marine-grade ply for structural integrity and load capability. Slam-shut latches and lockable handles are standard features.


  • Heavy duty drawer units on bearing rollers
  • Folded stainless steel runners
  • Lockable drawer units (most models)
  • 100kg capacity per drawer (evenly distributed)
  • Durable, water resistant and UV stable covering
  • Stackable drawer units (some models)
  • Off-road, trade and commercial uses
  • Vehicle-specific fitting hardware



ARB Defender rear drawers

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