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This tour is based on the beautiful Mediterranean Island positioned between France and Italy with breathtaking scenery as far as the eye can see. Mountainous regions and in contrast white sandy beaches, with clear blue sea.  There are miles of winding off-road tracks that take us to some of the most beautiful beaches. The tour is designed to be a gentle adventure through one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets. You find mountains as high as the Alps, valleys that are jaw dropping and a spectacular coastline.

Set on the western Mediterranean trade routes, Corsica has always been of strategic and commercial appeal. Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans came in successive waves, driving native Corsicans into the interior. The Romans were ousted by Vandals, and for the following thirteen centuries the island was attacked, abandoned, settled and sold as a nation state, with generations of islanders fighting against foreign government. In 1768 France bought Corsica from Genoa, but nearly two-and-half centuries of French rule have had a limited effect and the island’s Baroque churches, Genoese fortresses, fervent Catholic rituals and a Tuscan-influenced indigenous language and cuisine show a more profound affinity with Italy.

single person supplement Corsica Adventure

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