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Warn VR EVO winches are hard-working standard duty winches for everyday use.

Model: Warn VR Evo 10-S Winch

Max Rated Load: 10,000lb

Rope Type: Synthetic

Rope Length: 27.4m

Rope Diameter: 9.5mm

Fairlead Type: Hawse

Voltage: 12v

Mounting Pattern: 254 x 115mm

Unit Dimensions: 534 x 256 x 172.4mm

Weight: 30kg

Parts Included: Rope, hook, fairlead, fitting kit, 2-in-1 wired and wireless control system

Notes: Supplied wiring kit suits most standard installations but may need extending in some cases. Can be controlled with Warn HUB smartphone app.

Warn evo10s

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